Friday, 12 February 2010


I was one among the 20 participants of Internet Training for Journalist of Zanzibar conducted in Zanzibar from 8 to 12 February 2010.

The training was organized by MISA Tanzania and sponsored by Finland under Finnish Foundation for Media, Communication and Development (VIKES) and the Training Consultant was Peik Johansson a Journalist from Finland.

According to MISA the main objectives of the training were to help the Journalists in Zanzibar to use internet in this Global Society to promote communication and development of the entire community in Zanzibar and the world in general.

As one of the participant of the training I have benefited much because I understand alots of things that I did not understood before, I can say that the training was very much productive to me and my fellow participants.

In the first day the Consultant Peik introduced to us the several uses of internet in the Global society and among the uses of internet are searching information, finding for facts, making research, editing, gambling and so may uses.

In the day we learned how to buy train ticket through the internet, in this interesting part we succeed to buy a ticket from Helsinki to Turku that now I am to buy a traveling ticket for a train a bus an Air traveling.

Another thing we learned at that day is how book air ticket, in this part we visited Kenya Air Way agencies website we followed procedures until we booked the ticket for traveling and we learned internet banking, it very wonderful.

A first I used to know how to search information through the internet and the training come to add my knowledge on searching information very first and effective.

In this part we were given some assignment to find certain information, I come to know that in order to get information very first and correct you have be very technical, we learned those techniques.

We learned about finding contracts of the several authorities in order proving the facts and making interviews of the source, I come to realize that as Journalists or Editors we can use Internet very effective in working areas.

In this session we discussed the continent and the countries that leading in the uses of internet. From the discussion we realized Asia is first country leading by high level of using internet followed by North America and Europe.The country leading with high number of people using internet is China followed by India and United State of America and for Africa Egypt is the first one.In the discussion on the reasons behind for one country to have high number of internet users than other many factors were addressed.The factor like economic development of the country is the main reason, the most developed countries has high level of internet uses due to economic activities.Population is another riding factor the country to have high users of internet. May be this is why China is the leader for this.Other factors like educational system and the infrastructures of the country affect the uses of internet.Internet uses for Journalists and other people is big challenge in Zanzibar that most of people do not use internet due several reasons including to economic factor.
to other.

The challenge in front me now after attending this training is to use internet in my Journalist responsibilities and to transfer the knowledge to my fellow Journalist as far as the holly community as concern.

I would like to ask MISA in cooperation with VIKES extend this program providing training to the Journalist so as to increase efficient to promote communication and information for Community development.

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